The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK marks the return of the PEUGEOT brand to the pick-up market by offering chassis cab, single cabin or double cabin versions for 2 to 6 seats, gasoline or diesel, as well as a multitude of accessories to meet your needs. to your professional and family activities.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK pick-up stands out by offering, in a controlled length, the best of both worlds: the most generous habitability without this affecting the dimensions of the dumpster, since it is the most roomy on the market!

The other strong points of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK pick-up are its modularity, its road behavior, a distinctive PEUGEOT element, and its strong design, while incorporating the fundamentals of the “One ton Pick-up”: a significant load capacity and associated towing. with real crossing capabilities (off road).


Exaggerated modernity and shaped shapes, the exterior design is imposing with an assertive personality, a vertical grille welcoming the Lion in its center but also the LED light signatures. The light alloy rims were created by PEUGEOT Style to give a rewarding and distinctive look while guaranteeing intense use: 4x4, heavy load or highway!


The most spacious dumpster on the market

Fundamental for a pick-up, the bed of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is the most spacious on the market with:

a useful width between wheel arches of 1.22 m,

a length of 1.63 m in double cabin

a length of 2.43 m in single cabin

a width of 1.60 m

a depth of 500 mm.

The payload systematically exceeds 1 tonne and can even reach up to 1.3 tonnes depending on the version, with a loading area illuminated by LEDs as an option on the double cabin versions and the possibility of plugging accessories into a 12 volt socket dedicated as an option on double cabin versions.


With significant ground clearance, from 214 to 235 mm depending on the version, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has all the fundamentals of the pick-up world by offering the choice between 2 or 4 wheel drive. Thanks to its optimized architecture, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has all the attributes of a front-runner with reduced overhangs favoring attack and departure angles. Like the 4x2 rear-wheel drive version, the design takes advantage of the load resting on the rear drive wheels: the more the vehicle is loaded, the more traction it has. Likewise, the 4x4 version benefits from the addition of a real transfer case and a differential lock to optimize traction whatever the grip conditions.


Comfort is one of the many strong points of the new PEUGEOT pick-up and the storage spaces are cleverly distributed throughout the cabin to accommodate all your everyday objects.



Safety is ensured by 6 airbags Depending on the version, the PEUGEOT LANDTREK can be equipped with 2, 4 or up to 6 airbags. and an ESP Electronic Stability Program or electronic trajectory corrector with the functions:

- Hill Descent Control Hill descent control, system which allows you to keep the vehicle at a very low speed and to concentrate only on the steering, providing control and safety in situations known to be difficult,

- TCS Traction Control System or traction control (reinforced traction) for the 4x2 and 4x4 versions equipped with ESP,

- Trailer-Sway Control Anti-sway system for trailers, when towing a trailer, the ESP acts directly as soon as sway appears.

Finally, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK may be equipped with a Lane Departure Warning Unintentional lane crossing alert, assistance in keeping in the lane via an audible and visual alert.





“Hill Descent Control” Available as standard, as an option or unavailable depending on the versions and destinations (HDC) is a descent assist function allowing you to perfectly and safely control your vehicle and its trajectory on steep slopes. The system is innovative because it can keep the vehicle at a low speed, providing control and safety.





This device allows you to be continuously informed in the event of loss of pressure in one or more tires directly on the screen of your new PEUGEOT LANDTREK and to warn you of a potential puncture before the tire is flat. This is a plus in terms of safety when traveling off-road and helps to maintain optimal pressure in order to control your fuel consumption.



Unintentional Line Crossing Alert (AFIL) Available as standard, as an option or unavailable depending on the versions and destinations is a system detecting, using a camera which recognizes continuous or discontinuous lines, the involuntary crossing of lines. 'a longitudinal marking on the ground of the traffic lanes. For safe driving, the camera analyzes the image then triggers, in the event of a loss of driver attention and speed above 65 km/h, a visual and audible alert in the event of a deviation in direction.



City, road, highway, rough terrain or all 4?


No problem, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has a range of suitable engines.


Both engines can be associated with a 6-speed gearbox: Getrag manual or Punch automatic with sequential, Sport or Eco modes for the Petrol engine.
  • Diesel, with a displacement of 1.9L and developing 150hp thanks to a variable geometry turbocharger and 16 valves. Its torque of 350 Nm and its short-stage gearbox make it a high-performance franchiser with a significant payload. It also has a chain distribution to optimize maintenance costs. This efficient engine offers controlled mixed consumption both empty and loaded for a reduced daily usage cost.


  • Petrol, 2.4L displacement with a comfortable power of 210hp thanks to a variable geometry turbocharger and 16 valves. The torque of 320 Nm is available from 2,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm. These values are obtained thanks to the continuous phase shift technology of the intake and exhaust camshafts with the aim of optimizing the compromise of high power, low fuel consumption and contained pollutant emissions.


Running boards, thermoformed bed protection, glass hard top, chrome roll bar, alarm, protective mat… In total more than 40 dedicated accessories will be available!



Whether aesthetic, practical, technical or even electronic, all the accessories of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK pick-up have received validations and endurance tests identical to the standard equipment and will allow you to adapt your PEUGEOT LANDTREK to the whole situations!



The range of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK pick-up is available in 3 silhouettes: chassis cab, single cabin or double cabin, offering 2 to 6 seats depending on the version, petrol and Diesel engines to meet all expectations.