PEUGEOT has been building on its lead in the crossover market since 2009. With the Quartz concept, it has unveiled a new vision for the segment, blending the heightened expression of a next-generation SUV with the punch of its more high-performance models.



An ultra-athletic crossover, the Peugeot Quartz expresses its sporty, robust and powerful style from the outset. The fusion of an SUV body and a saloon cabin in a sculptured design, it reveals exceptional performance and road-holding qualities with its 2.06-metre width and 305 mm-wide tyres.

There is an original athletic air about both the exterior and the cabin, both of which boast outstanding design and innovative materials: basalt, digitally woven textile and chiné leather.


The engine is given pride of place under a long bonnet enhanced by louvres that improve air intake. In profile, the stretched lines express the dynamism of the Quartz. Original architecture, doing away with the central door pillar, making scissor-opening doors possible and facilitating access to a high-end cabin via a retractable step.

The attention paid to every detail underlines the efficiency of the Quartz. The glass roof moulds into two spoilers that further enhance the aerodynamic design. These are aligned with the separation between the two Quartz finishes: intense blue at the front and matt black for the rear wings, offset by occasional splashes of white and red. The immense 23-inch wheels on the Quartz are also a surprise.


Allying strength and lightness, volcanic basalt is used, particularly in the central console, while a textile material produced by digital weaving is a world first. The driver's seat has a solid wrap-around fit to match the car's high-end performance, with the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® keeping everything at the driver's fingertips.
The head-up display provides a large, configurable screen. In the centre of it is a 45-degree polycarbonate strip for displaying additional information and creating added depth.

Like a monolith, the upper section of the cabin gives the impression of a single block in which the various functions have been carved. Each of the four passengers has a bucket seat, providing maximum interior space.
A new manufacturing process has made it possible to do away with the central pillar. To create a sportier feel, the sides and roof are trimmed in black leather, while the seat cushions and backs are trimmed in tawny leather.

The Quartz's cabin is resolutely sporty with the i-Cockpit® dedicated to driving. The compact steering wheel with embedded controls is borrowed from competition models and offers the utmost efficiency. With the merest of movements, the driver can operate the indicators, change driving mode and shift gears with ease.



The Quartz concept car, 4.5 metres long, delivers an outstanding drive. Performance, responsiveness and intuitiveness combine for unparalleled enjoyment behind the wheel. The Quartz showcases a novel Peugeot approach to high-end sports models.

The bonnet houses a 1.6L THP 270 engine developed by Peugeot Sport. Coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, the 4-cylinder petrol engine develops a torque of 330 N-m, with a specific output of nearly 170 hp/l, making it one of the world's top performers. Developing a total power of 500 hp, the Full Hybrid plug-in drive train comprises a combustion engine and two electric motors.

There are three driving modes: ZEV, all electric with a 50 km maximum range, Road mode, which preserves the battery charge by using the 1.6L THP engine and the front electric motor, and Race, which harnesses the power of the engine and both motors, dividing torque between the wheels based on the individual grip of each and transforming it into an ultra-athletic SUV.