Ever dreamed of owning a car that offers complete peace-of-mind with full awareness of its surroundings? A car that understands you, that knows you so well that it can foresee your every wish? A car that is in true harmony with you? A car that delivers a seamless, straightforward experience?
PEUGEOT has approached this concept with a single watchword: freedom. Freedom to choose your driving mode and the accompanying sensations. Freedom of movement. The outcome is PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT.


The best of the I.o.T.

For the first time ever, a car comes with a functional on-board I.o.T.i platform, the SAMSUNG ARTIKTM Cloud connecting the car with the user’s cloud.


The Responsive i-Cockpit

The PEUGEOT Responsive i-Cockpit reinterprets the passenger compartment to meet the needs of the self-driving vehicle. The interfaces can be configured – before, during and after use – according to the mode selected and the user’s profile.


The Shooting Brake by PEUGEOT

PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT is a shooting brake with a timeless look. Active aerodynamic features accentuate the car’s flawless lines.