The honed bodywork is arresting with the striking contrast of its materials and colours. Fashioned by hand by a master craftsman, the wings and doors are made from a sheet of pure copper. The other body panels are made of carbon-fibre and painted matt black.

Cutting through the air with finesse, the front combines a vertical grille with slender full-LED lights with the surface limited to just what is necessary. The flow is then separated: part enters the heart of the car, flowing into the bodywork and structure to supply the engine with air.

The rear lights adopt the three-claw light signature, characteristic of Peugeot. They also bear little winglets that direct the top and lateral flows.


Forming an interface between the body and the passenger compartment, the doors provide easy access with their action in two movements. On opening, the outer copper skin separates from the inner door, moves sideways by a few centimetres and then pivots about its rotational axis.

The passenger compartment is bathed in a bright, natural atmosphere from the floor to the roof. Its design starts you thinking about intuitiveness and materials. Like the body, it is stripped of superfluous material, retaining only what is useful for producing parts and giving them strength.

Made of felt, compressed and stretched, the passenger compartment is modelled as a single-piece enclosure with no seams or connections. The dashboard is made of a new type of “wood”, Newspaper Wood. It is produced from old newspapers, assembled and compressed to form new blocks from which parts are made.