For the Onyx Concept bike, Peugeot Cycles' designers drew inspiration from the Onyx to design an against-the-clock bicycle that projects the brand into the future with a modern, efficient style.

The stretched, controlled lines of the monocoque carbon frame optimise the aerodynamics of the Onyx Concept Bike. Also made in this material, the large 800 mm wheels and saddle stem are profiled for overall performance. Nothing will disrupt your journey!

Thus, the cables, brakes and battery are fully integrated. The battery provides power to the aerofoil-profile control panel, where the cyclist intuitively finds the electric controls for changing speed.



Cities are changing and mobility products with them. At the crossroads between motorised two-wheelers and cars, the Onyx Concept Scooter offers an original and innovative alternative on three wheels, capable of transforming itself into a motor-cycle or a scooter, as needed or desired.

Deriving its style influences from the brand's cars, this 2-in-1 supertrike has an athletic silhouette with with sculptured lines and an extra-wide 200/50 R17 rear tyre that breathes the spirit of hypersport motor-cycles.

Sized for use in open spaces, designed for urban use, the Onyx Concept Scooter's intelligent design allows the rider to choose between a motor-cycle or scooter style of use. There are two possible configurations combining driving pleasure and practicality.