PEUGEOT FRACTAL offers a glimpse of the future for the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® to create an even more instinctive, enjoyable driving experience. The new urban electric coupé finds fresh inspiration in sound to add hearing to the ongoing exploration of sight and touch.


The choice of materials is inspired by auditoriums and recording studios: black oak decorates the instrument panel, door panels and bucket seats; copper trim reminiscent of audio connections runs through the interior, with 3D-printed anechoic motifs enhancing acoustic comfort. A 3D textile mesh covers the seats and is offset by white leather trim.


To ensure constant control, the driver's seat provides kinaesthetic feedback based on the PEUGEOT FRACTAL's handling. The intuitive, compact steering wheel features a touchpad integrated into each of its two spokes. These thumb-controlled sensors control a range of PEUGEOT FRACTAL functions and equipment.

The head-up display provides a holographic eye-level digital readout with a 45-degree polycarbonate strip delivering additional information. Drivers can customise the 12.3-inch HD digital display to suit individual preferences. The tilted polycarbonate strip gives added depth by showing information on a 7.7-inch AMOLED screen.

There are also toggle switches within easy reach on the arches on either side of the steering wheel. The right hand arch also houses the controls to activate the electric drive system. The 7.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen built into the centre console can be used to control all PEUGEOT FRACTAL functions. Passengers in the rear also have a panel allowing them to adjust their immediate surroundings.