Careers with PAN



Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Ltd. (PAN) has created an employee-centered work environment where individual growth is encouraged and realized on a daily basis. At the heart of our culture is trust and respect as well as that of improving the quality of life for people every where through our various brands of Peugeot vehicles. Indeed our culture is considered to be among our innovations and this has been built over the years by PAN’s leaders - past and present.

PAN attracts leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes; vision, passion and deep sensitivity to the big issues that challenge the world around them. PAN is a stimulating place to work.

The Recruitment team of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Ltd. is passionate about driving changes to improve human life. No matter what your interests or specialization, top brilliant people will find roles at PAN that will allow them to contribute their unique talent to our shared passion-drive changes to improve life.

PAN not only offers an equal opportunity for all, but also career opportunities in a diverse range of disciplines, where you can continue to excel and make a difference. The offers come with flexible comprehensive benefits designed to meet each employee’s individual needs.

Recruitment Procedure:

Look out for Peugeot Automobile Ltd.’s advertisement for jobs in any of the Nigerian daily Newspapers.

If you find a position that interests you, apply for the position, following the instructions for the advertisement.

PAN will acknowledge receipt of your application and (or) will contact you if you meet the set criteria or more information is needed from you.

Your profile will be duly reviewed and screened for the next step.

If your credentials scale through, you will be invited for written tests and oral interview and details on the venue and timing of the interview will be made known to you.

Finally, you will be notified of the decision of the Recruiting team, based on your performance at both the written and oral interviews.